Trace Moroney is an internationally acclaimed author, illustrator, designer and creator. More than ten million copies of her books have been sold worldwide and are translated into over twenty-two languages in twenty-nine countries.

Her bestselling The Feelings Series and the phenomenally successful The Things I Love Series have been met with extraordinary enthusiasm.

Trace is extremely passionate about creating beautiful children’s picture books with meaningful content – helping to build emotional and social intelligence and show examples of creating positive thought about everyday situations and emotions our children experience. She hopes to motivate her readers to focus
on what is good in the world, and the things they love!

Trace shares her office with two furry employees - Pippy and Maisy. Their job is to get up to mischievious antics that make Trace laugh hysterically - which they are very good at doing. They are also very good at snoring and making ‘interesting’ smells.